Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Big month ahead!

Many things on our agenda here at Euphio films. We are happy to announce that the web series The Hollow Waltz is fully casted and will commence shooting in 2 weeks!! 

New year, new equipment, new cast, new crew! 

The cast will be announced next week! 

We are about to release a prequel short to The Hollow Waltz in the next few weeks SO STAY TUNED. 

Other projects in the works: 
An animation short
A graphic novel series
A few various teaser test trailers for upcoming projects 
A Podcast
A new website
Our new studio space!! 

Very exciting times. 

We will be having the occasion how to/BTS posts.

Also stay tuned for the in depth look at our owners journey to make his first serious film/web series. 

Our website is in a transitional phase and will be up and running shortly with the premiere of our new short. In the mean time check out our Facebook page or our YouTube page. 

Thank you!!